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The Encyclopedia of the LBU!


Ever read a Love Belvin novel and saw a familiar name, but grew confused by the details surrounding the character? Ever wonder how old a former client has been or the number of children they currently have? Curious about updates on your favorite LB clients and where they may have cameoed in subsequent books?

Then this encyclopedia may be the tool you need to keep up with the Love Belvin Universe. Inside this book are significant facts on each currently published project by the author. There are even not so important details, but those recorded in the captivating storyline. We’re growing year by year and our facts really need to be running and recorded. Now, #TeamLove is bringing it to you!

See birthdays, anniversaries, and family members and friends from the time of purchase and more!

The Encyclopedia of the LBU is provided by way of Book Funnel. Any questions or concerns you may have downloading the book upon purchasing it can be answered by them. Of course, if you feel your issues aren’t being address, contact #TeamLove and we’ll assist as much as we can.