“Grace” is Live!

  The second installment of the Prism series is now available to purchase on Amazon (other retailers will follow). Kindly leave an honest Amazon and Goodreads review once you’re done, telling me your thoughts. Remember, we need them. Thanks in advance!       ✍🏽️ #PenningWithoutParameters ✍🏽️ 💜 #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe 💜 www.LoveBelvin.com  

Finishing the CK Sale-athon!

  A spring treat for the Kindle Unlimited community! Enjoy CK Season 4 this spring! 🏈 👑 Be quick! It’ll be there until just before summer!      ✍🏽️ #PenningWithoutParameters ✍🏽️ T💜 #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe 💜 www.LoveBelvin.com