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Happening this Friday, everywhere I am!  Psssssst… All updates are released on my website first.  Can’t wait wait for your $0.02! I saw the second draft yesterday and fell in love!  #PenningWithoutParameters #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe

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It’s officially promo roll-out season for #TeamLove. Here’s the first teaser for Bonded with Ezra. You can find an excerpt on my website. Come back here and share your thoughts. And before you ask: SOON! You should know by now we don’t start promo season unless the release is around the corner. Lend me your…

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Hey! Don’t forget I dabble on Polyvore when writing. It helps me create visuals for my characters. I have to remember to share it so you guys have an idea of where I am visually while creating. Currently, Lex’s style is interesting because she’s no fashionista, but her body is amazingly inspiring. Take a look.…