Author Inspo – “Sadik” Series!

✍🏽 Author Inspo: Β  When gearing up for the Sadik series, I was so overwhelmed with details from Sadik and Bilan. They were a generous pair. πŸ˜… Ocean, wealth, murder, tight-knitted family, betrayal, ocean, ocean, ocean… I so happened upon this pic on Halle Berry’s IG page of her over the water, facing a volcano.…

Black Girls Who Write – VOTE!

I’ve been nominated again along with your other favorite authors!   There are loads more of nominees. Shout out to Black Girls Who Write for acknowledging Black literary art!Β  Vote here (You have until 12/27/19)!   ✍🏽️ #PenningWithoutParameters ✍🏽️ πŸ’œ #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe πŸ’œ