Book Cover: The Right of Love
Part of the Wayward Love series:

“After the hot sex comes the real world.”

“What was that?”

“My therapist once said, ‘after the hot sex comes the real world. Or in wayward love, the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking’.”

“That sounds more like one of them novels you like to read.”

“No. Ours is too hilly to be a traditional romance story.”

And it is. Journey the conclusion to Love Belvin’s riveting Wayward Love series, and see how errant the path to Isaak and Kennedi’s happily ever after is. What is a perfect love story? Does it not include disappointment, betrayal, distractions, guilt, and anger?

Just how much can these two take before they decide the victory of love isn’t worth the pain?


Note: This is the final installment of a three book series. It contains expletive language, and sexual content. If you do not wish to have these elements in your reads, this is not the venture for you.


Publisher: MKT Publishing


  1. It seems I can not purchase the last book the Right of Love from Amazon only a sample is available. Tried your site and for some unknown reason it is not available. Where can I purchase book 3

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