Book Cover: He Who Is a Protector
Part of the Sadik series:

“You’ve discovered my weakness, Nalib?”

“I have the power, Sadik.”

“That you do. Be careful how you execute it. I’m an Ellis; abuse of power won’t be tolerated.”

“Only if your authority acts in favor of my heart.”


She now has the power, but he remains in control.

The Ellis family is in turmoil, facing their most challenging opponent yet. In addition, there’s death, illness, betrayal, confusion, and countless new adjustments the family must endure. Can Bilan and Sadik’s love withstand it all?

Bilan has always wanted a family. Sadik proposed his was the one for her. Even during the Ellis’ weakness in trying times, can Bilan use her power to keep them together? Otherwise, what significance does this power hold?

In the greatly anticipated conclusion, find out what happens when power and control bind a family.


Publisher’s Note: “He Who Is a Protector” is book THREE of a THREE book series. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexually explicit content, and gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.

Publisher: MKT Publishing, LLC

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