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There are still slots available in #TeamLove’s L.I.P.’ers Club! By electing to join the L.I.P.’ers Club you will receive the following: 1. A.D. Jacobs t-shirt 2. A.D. Jacobs flashlight keychain 3. Love Belvin wine glass (y’all know she enjoys a good glass of wine while writing or reading) 4. Autographed paperback copies of all four books…

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It’s finally here! Christina C. Jones’ “Fall in Love Again” is now available! Everybody knows you don’t marry the rebound guy. And yet, that’s exactly what Charlie does. But once the husband is out of picture — kinda — she’s ready to leap forward with her life. She returns to the neighborhood she left, the…

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  #NewRelease by Delaney Diamond! She snuck this one on us, but we must forgive her! #GoDD!… ~They didn’t mean to fall in love… Brenda Morrison has known Jay Santorini for years, but he’s off limits. He’s her friend’s ex-husband, and except for one slip-up, they’ve always had a platonic relationship. But now that she’s…

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