Indie Love Pre-Order!

  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR Indie Love’s Growing & Glowing 2022 ATTENDEES: Once again, #TeamLove has authorized a pre-order! Here is an opportunity to guarantee your desired project will be available and waiting for you in New Orleans. Beginning May 6th, through May 13th, the entire LB catalog will be available to Indie Love 2022 (ONLY) attendees…

“Grace” is Live!

  The second installment of the Prism series is now available to purchase on Amazon (other retailers will follow). Kindly leave an honest Amazon and Goodreads review once you’re done, telling me your thoughts. Remember, we need them. Thanks in advance!       ✍🏽️ #PenningWithoutParameters ✍🏽️ 💜 #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe 💜